Get to Know Us

What is the NCDA?

The National Collaboration for Doula Access (NCDA) is a membership-based charitable organization in Canada, dedicated to empowering practicing Doulas in Black, Indigenous, and global majority communities, guided by principles of anti-racist feminism, decolonial and anti-classist birth work, 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusion, and transformative justice.

What We Do

Birthwork as liberation

Our mission is to address the challenges Doulas face in providing services and the barriers their clients encounter in accessing care. We practice the principles of trust-based funding that enables Doulas to sustain their work, and we center Doulas and families from socio-economic communities that experience systemic oppression and marginalization.

Our Operations

Community Oriented

NCDA uses a membership-model of charitable governance to ensure a commitment to shared values among its members, equitable and fair representation for its members on all decision-making bodies including: staff and contractors, board of directors, sub-committees, and fund advisors. All individuals in these roles must maintain good standing as a member of NCDA.

Who we are

Our Team

The NCDA is an amalgamation of folks with lived experiences surrounding full spectrum birthwork and reproductive care experiences. We are all proudly committed to the abundance, joy, and care of all those who are systemically marginalized and deliberately oppressed.