Doula Equity Fund

This fund is a cornerstone in promoting a new standard in reproductive care and driving improvements in perinatal health, covering areas like direct service fees, ongoing education, self-care, and community building projects.

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Supporting Perinatal Health

Currently, Medicare doesn’t cover Doula services. The Doula Equity Fund provides charitable funds to frontline Doulas, removing access barriers for families and ensuring fair compensation for Doulas. Wage security enables comprehensive care and reduces burnout. Many BIPGM Doulas offer services below market rates and cover extra client costs personally. This sets a precedent in reproductive care, highlighting the importance of Doula support in perinatal health.

Community Care

How is Your Funding Used?

Members of the National Collaboration for Doula Access can request funding from the Doula Equity Fund for the following activities:

Fees for direct service provision in the role of a Doula to BIPGM pregnant, birthing, and postpartum communities

Workshops and training fees for continued education in birth work and reproductive justic

Self-care and supportive rest including counseling, body work, cultural healing, one-client loss of wages in case of disability, illness, crisis etc.

Seed funding for community building projects to advance doula care in BIPGM communities

Your Impact

Equitable working conditions

Doulas are independent and self-employed health care workers. NCDA offers Doulas with financial support, continued education, and collective infrastructure to improve working conditions, build solidarity to prevent burnout and worker exploitation.

Increased Doula Access

Doula services are not covered by medicare in any Canadian province or territory. NCDA members serving low-income families can request funding to support them. Access to funds should never be a barrier to accessing essential care.

Perinatal Health Care Advocacy

NCDA is Canada’s first nationwide network of Doulas. Collectively, we are able to advocate for improvements within perinatal health care and strategize for systems change on regional, provincial, and federal levels of governance.

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