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Are you ready to join NCDA’s National Doula Network? By becoming a member, you will have access to the NCDA’s funding streams, enjoy cost-supported workshops and offerings, and benefit from our resources.

Our Mission

By doulas, for doulas

The NCDA is built for doulas by doulas. We understand that doulas play a significant role in supporting families throughout the reproductive journey – our care is especially impactful for families who are systemically marginalized. However, doulas are at the risk of facing burnout when there are no support systems available to ensure us being sustained in this work.

Our mission is to address the challenges Doulas face in providing services and the barriers their clients encounter in accessing care. We practice the principles of trust-based funding that enables Doulas to sustain their work, and we center Doulas and families from socio-economic communities that experience systemic oppression and marginalization.

About the Membership

What’s Included


Financial Access

NCDA members, who are also practicing Doulas may access monetary support, through The Doula Equity Fund.


Community Building

Join Doulas nationwide! Collaborate on community projects and advocate for reproductive health care.


Knowledge Sharing

Offering peer-led continued education and professional development for Doulas and opportunities for resource sharing.

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